Aberthaw Tidal Power Station

2019 Outline Design by Edward Grist

(3) Visitor Centre

picture of Visitor-Centre

Aberthaw Tidal Power Station could produce up to 4,000MW of electricity continuously. Visitors will see the barrage machinery in operation. The South Wales tourism and hotel economy could be transformed. The ease of access from Cardiff Airport or the M4 should make the barrage a prime visitor attraction.

A visit to the barrage will be particularly dramatic during the time of Spring and Autumn tides. These natural events take place at a time when many accommodation facilities are perhaps underused. Observation will be from a viewing gallery in Machine Hall 15. Water-turbines operating at full power as the tide at intake rises at more than two metres per hour will impress all visitors.

La Rance tidal power station in France was opened in 1966 and until 2011 it produced the largest tidal power station electrical output in the world. The design is based on twenty-four 10MW water-turbines. Records indicate La Rance now produces a daily average of 57MW from the tides giving a capacity factor of approximately 24%. According to Google (18.04.2018) La Rance attracted 40,000 visitors.

picture of La Rance visitor centre picture2 of La Rance visitor centre

La Rance 240MW Tidal Power Station

The power station forms a barrage 800 metre wide. It sits in a 2km long estuary. This protects it from the ocean conditions as it enters the English Channel near St Malo.

At 4,000MW Aberthaw would be the ‘largest tidal power station in the World’. This ‘title’ is currently said to be held by the 254MW Sihwa Lake station in South Korea. La Rance is now second.

Aberthaw Tidal Power Station is an unrivalled choice for a Visitor Centre.