Aberthaw Tidal Power Station

2021 Outline Design by Edward Grist

(6) A Possible Future

Climate Change is causing an unacceptable deterioration in environments around the world. This could result in a water shortage in the UK and Northern Europe. The recent severe water shortage in Africa caused by intense heat resulted in crop failures. Population migration resulted. An unacceptably large increase air temperature and a consequential food shortage could spread northwards and reach the UK. Water to mitigate the effects of such a change should be provided.
An ability to change function quickly on future demand is evident. An Aberthaw-Minehead Barrage could change function in less than one-day. This ‘reserve’ option requires no action now. It would be immediately available IF an Aberthaw-Minehead Tidal Barrage existed and events then (and only then) showed it was needed for this purpose.
Fresh water river tributary sources
The Aberthaw-Minehead Barrage is set to stop sea-water entering the upper-estuary through the barrage.
The enclosed Water Reserve then provides a supply water of a very basic quality for use in a lengthy emergency.